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Thread: Hard Choices (4/13)

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    Pc players have had voice support since a few weeks after launch through a mod called Thuumic.

    I think it's great that the console gamers will be able to experience the shear awesomeness.

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    Ted wearing a viking-like helmet and yelling at a character select screen? sounds about par, too bad he ditched the tracksuit.

    To Blacks link, "Michael Jackson Creepy" was a good point on their graph.

    Actually that entire video was pretty fascinating, and probably dead on for some of its points.

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    The problem with the Kinect is that it doesn't take into account physics and how our mind interprets it. When we are swinging our swords and our eyes tell us that a shield has blocked it but our hands continue to doesn't feel right.

    I think a hybrid of the Kinect and PS Move with a strong vibrating feedback would be great. As close as you cold get without actually fighting.
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    This comic is going on FaceBook and all my friends will agree this comic is awesome.
    Thanks for the news update Woody!

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    If the comics are close to being as well drawn and funny as the latest batch, take your time. For me, it is a comic worth waiting for. /salute

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    Give us virtual reality already I say. I'd love to play some of my favorite old school games in VR, and new ones too! As far as the kinect goes, I don't have one yet, and have debated on it. My buddy has one, but like Ankari says, there's a bit of delay that just can't be overlooked.

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    I have the pc version i do have a xbox with kinect ( but i do not want skyrim on console mods then ) I do love what you can do with the kinect realy hope pc and playstation would get it to.

    There is some one that made a mod with something like this using your voice to do the shouts ( not as complex as the kinect version but it comes close) if you have skyrim on pc check out on skyrim nexus and search for Thuumic . Try it out you will love it. i hardly used shouts before and this makes it more easy to use them and select them.

    ( just see some one beat me to it mentioning this mod )

    And still no speech reconition with the kinect on the xbox in my country so dont think this will work here anyway

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    Regarding the move controls of Kinect:
    It is annoying. You need a lot of space and those games are made in a way that you start sweating after some minutes. This might be a good thing if you want to exercise (I prefer normal outdoor running) but if you have company it can get akward. Once had about six people at home and we wanted to play some Ravin Rabbids. After 15 minutes everyone was exhausted and stinking (despite all kind of normal premeassures like deo etc.). They left shortly after. It is just not meant for gaming groups.

    And it is also not very cat friendly. I often find myself moving in strange directions (Rise of Nightmares) because a cat ran through the screen. The movement is not very precise per se and stumbling over cats just doesn't help.

    Regarding voice: It annoys me. I will not talk to a computer. Never ever (except VOIP of course). It is just too stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grank View Post
    Regarding voice: It annoys me. I will not talk to a computer. Never ever (except VOIP of course). It is just too stupid.
    For shame! Talking to computers is one of the hallmarks of science fiction.

    Scotty trying to talk to the computer in Star Trek IV is one of those scenes that always brings a smile to my face whenever it bubbles up to the surface of my mind.

    "A keyboard. How quaint."

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