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Thread: Representative (11/13)

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    Representative (11/13)

    A few years ago Too Human developer Silicon Knights sued Epic Game, creators of the Unreal Engine. Their claim was that Epic had withheld key aspects of the engine to ensure their flagship title Gears of War stood out in comparison to its rivals. As the trial moved forward Epic counter sued and demonstrated that Silicon Knights had ripped off their code in an attempt to make their own engine. Result? The Judge has ordered Silicon Knights to pay Epic $4.45 Million in damages; pay $4.68 Million in attorneys’ fees, court costs, and prejudgment interest; recall and destroy all unsold games using the Unreal Engine 3; and to delete all code from their current games based on the Unreal Engine 3. [more info] It seems certain that this lawsuit will destroy Silicon Knights.

    I understand fully that a Star Wars reference has NOTHING to do with this particular gaming news. But, it was the first visual that came to mind when I was trying to figure out how to convey the story to you guys as quickly/concisely as I could. Greedo comes to shoot Han Solo and gets shot himself.

    It all made sense in my head at least.

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    I see the image flash then I get a broken file symbol. I know that is having problems with their image uploader. Same problem?

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    Ditto on the flashing thing. I can see enough that it's a "Han shot first" looking comic but that's about it.

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    worked fine for me, and on a side note everyone "knows" greedo shot first (/tongueincheek).

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    I closed my browser and cleared my cache and it now works fine for me, it must have been on my end.

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    No issues with the comic here, opened up just fine, and made total sense to my mind Woody. But then I'm one of those who watched the first release of Star Wars back in '77 (yes I know, I'm old :P)
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    and this is why you don't sue unless you KNOW you're on solid legal footing.

    GG Silicon Knights, you put yourself out of business.

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    Broken picture for me, even after clearing the cache and restarting the browser. /sadface

    *Went away for 5 minutes, came back it works now.

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    I wonder if this will result in used copies of Too Human increase in value. At $2, it's not exactly a terribly risky investment.

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    I agree that this will probably destroy Silicon Knights, especially since I am not sure that they can even pay the roughly 9 million dollars they lost in the case. Guess it doesn't pay to rip off someones code then try to sue them for withholding parts of it.

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