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Thread: Thoughtful (12/10)

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    "If you guys could pick, what one game would GU be based in?"

    - World of Warcraft.

    No justification asked for, so none given.
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    Well, it's not so much a matter of what game everyone is playing, but what everyone can relate to.

    1) Your funniest stuff lately has been any tabletop RPG stuff. Everyone can relate to that.
    2) Your pop culture commentary through Woody & Ted are fantastic.
    3) The special comics, like the "Forum Troll" panel, are priceless. You should aim for something like that once a year.
    4) The comics you used to do with the guest artist/writer. The one that used the penguin avatar. Those were funny as hell.
    5) Taks' stick-figures were funny.
    6) What was that alter-ego you made of yourself? The guy that punches people in the ear? Yeah, love those.

    Some new ideas:

    1) Create a couple new characters based on your "Forum Trolls" panel. They are the hardcore gamers that are always jaded by "The Man" and think everyone who doesn't bleed their game is a noob. Have it themed after the Road Runner and Wiley Coyote. In the end, the "Forum Trolls" never win.

    2) A comic where the game avatars are conscience of the players that play them. I'm already seeing a comic where a few avatars are sitting around while everyone is getting wiped out. What's wrong! "Douche bag is sleeping with his face against the keyboard." Stuff like that.

    3) A comic called "Old School and ADHD." Two players from different generations (odd that such a thing exists in gaming) are forced to play alongside each other. I'm sure there are tons of material there.

    4) You should take your D&D panels a bit further. Record them, cut the funniest parts out, and make a comic based on those videos. Post the videos on Youtube and link them here (vise versa). This will open up your audience.

    I hope this post helps.

    PS: I haven't been here since day one, but since I have started reading this webcomic (for 8 years now) I do so every day. You have a talent that can't be denied. Don't get hard on yourself. I've never left this site thinking "Woody is losing it." Even on those days when I don't understand the joke 100%, I still come back the next day. What you need is exposure. Take the Youtube thing into serious consideration.
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    Heck, I find the strip funny even when it's not about games I play. Sometimes it's even thought provoking. If I didn't like the strip I wouldn't have been coming here every day since the good ole days of Fennin Ro...

    As far as which game? Heck, I like the format the way it is. Whichever game or topic that comes up.

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    If I could pick one game - Vanguard, but that's just because it is the only game I keep going back and playing.

    Your WoW comics are enjoyable as a second runner up though I don't always get all of the jokes, but I like them. Maybe that's my affinity for orcs.

    Now to expand on this though it is not what you asked for... I personally like the way the comic has been by game jumping or even multiple platform (video games, table top) approach.

    I also have to say having been in the SWTOR general chat and I have to say it should be mocked more than anything else, it is like most MMO gen chat, but in someways worse because of the way the game raised expectations and failed to meet them for so many.

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    I love that you write about different games and the industry, it's several times i've got news through you. I view the comic as both news, comedy and sarcasm. Keep up the good work! As for which games, whatever you find a comedic point in. E.g. Far cry 3's crashing habits and mood-spoiling minigames. (apart from that i really like it)

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    I Loved your comics about Dark Age of Camelot. Don't change a thing Woody!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody View Post
    Hoooboy has it been a long day. We'll get into the whys and such tomorrow. As for this comic, despite it's real struggles, an email from a fan yesterday reminded me of the importance of not taking myself too seriously.

    Of course that same fan told me about how GU was being mocked in general chat in SWtOR. Greeeaaat... thanks for letting me know that Jan. At least they were talking about GU though, right? **sighs**

    No seriously. I felt bad. I know the writing isn't fantastic. It never has been. It was just more relatable when we were all playing the same game. Every inside joke made sense. It was a simpler time. A time when men could be men, men could be women (in-game), and women could make up 50% of my readers. I'm not overly certain how I could change the comic to get that relatability back. I've only ever written to amuse myself - since I'm the only 100% consistent reader. Not the best way to write, but again... it's all I know.

    If you guys could pick, what one game would GU be based in?

    Note: I'm just curious. This post doesn't mean I'm going to make that change. Unless everyone agrees, then screw it new comic direction tomorrow. Go minecraft sprite comic. Whoooooo!
    don't take it too hard, man. First off, you still relate with us, whether you realize it or not. Many of us, for instance, have started having gamerlings (I will MAKE that a term), and we all used to play the same MMO together, but then... came the time of the fall, when many new MMOs rose in prominence, all to beaten back by the juggernaut that became the World of Warcraft.

    If you'd like to get some of that feeling back, you might try getting a guild going on Guild Wars 2, say on Devonas Rest, maybe?

    .... Yeah, Minecraft sprite comic. I just gotta see it, even if it's just like a side project or something

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    People still play SWtOR?
    Mostly I'm playing Diablo 3. It fits my mood these days.
    There's nothing wrong with your writing.
    MMO news is horrible lately. No bright spots at all. I don't think I even like gamers as a social group any more. They all seem so bitter and jaded. Or is that me? When you do see someone posting something enthusiastic about a game it seems feigned and brittle and they're soon shouted down. Just keep being funny and honest. We need it badly to push back the tide of darkness.

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    Don't feel bad, GU is awesome! The writing is a damn sight better than a lot of stuff that gets commercially published (49+1 shades of pale graphite?), people on general chat are usually drama-seeking idiots best ignored & hopefully the comic will continue until they pry the stylus out of your cold, dead hand.

    How about doing a series of comics on a game that nobody has ever played, or ever will? What if Raptor Guts were to launch an MMO? Ted could be a senior customer support guy (there's got to be a few strips worth of material in that situation) & you could use the fictional game to make references to stuff happening in real games, gaming news, etc. & explain it in the write-up.

    Aside from that, I'm with the majority - your D&D strips have been the best stuff of late, so if you were going to stick to a single game & didn't want to use the above idea, go with that. Obviously, it's not really in the original spirit of the comic, not being digital in any way, but the stuff is good & easy to relate to (apart from the 4th edition specific references, I only played 4th once then returned to 3.5 in disgust).

    Finally, lots of people play facebook games - not just the Zynga crap. While it wouldn't work as a long-term single focus for the comic, Playdom's Marvel Avengers Alliance is pretty popular these days & the opportunity for cross-media references since Wheedon did the movie might be good for a few strips; Captain America teaming up with Malcom Renolds? If they ever release Blade as a playable character, him fighting alongside Buffy? Maybe a few possibilities...

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    Why's the SWTOR forum still going? Surely more people read GU than play that game? Ignore those jokers.

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