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Thread: History (12/12)

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    History (12/12)

    I'll admit it, I've missed the Santa vs. Ted rivalry. It was always so much fun. My concern was that it was spiraling out of control and I couldn't keep upping the ante. That's still the case mind you. But, I get asked about it every year. So...

    This comic, though simple in its presentation, pushes a lot of questions into the center of the table. Could any gift ever really put an end to the hostilities? Is this an earnest gift from Claus? Or, if you think about it, is it the best prank yet? Can Ted "let it go"? Is the PS3 Fat still worth its shelf space? Will Woody answer ANY of these questions in future comics?

    This and more next time true believers! Excelsior!

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    My first thought was it was a horrible prank

    Great comic!

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    Long before I got to the "This and more next time true believers! Excelsior!", my mind's voice was already reading in comic announcer mode. I would also have accepted "Tune in next time!" as a parting sentence.

    Great as usual Woody!

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    At first I was, "what is a PS3 Fat?" (Sorry I am an Xbox fan and wasn't aware of that term for the pre-PS3 slim machines.)

    So my first result on a Google image gave me this page and I understood, oh, it might be considered a bad prank.

    But then I read the page and actually I would much rather have a PS3 Fat because I once owned and still own PS1 games and you can only play those on a PS3 Fat, not the slim version. With that and the EBay value being much more then a PS-3 Slim, it would be an honest gift.
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    I cracked a smile at that one
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    Just a little FYI, but Excelsior means Woodchips.

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    If you ignore the rest of the entry that's what it means. But Stan Lee wasn't using it as a noun. He was using it as an interjection in which case it mean "ever upward". Unless you ignore Latin because it's a dead language.

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    When I was shopping for a ps3, I searched long and hard to ensure I got an original PS3 fat - 60 gig, backwards compatible. Of course, if you have a PSone and PS2 slim, I could see how a PS3 fat would be a low storage shelf monstrosity.. I simply liked not having to buy 2-3 consoles in case I wanted to play Jak or Road Rash 3D again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracosy View Post
    Just a little FYI, but Excelsior means Woodchips.
    It also means "a 3-point type: a size smaller than brilliant."

    And in Latin, "ever upward"
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    If this is one of the original, backwards-compatible PS3-fat models (that played the PS1 and PS2 games) then I would consider this a great and thoughtful gift. If it was a later model, with no support for earlier games, then the war just stepped up a level. Go on, Ted. Bring the pain!

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